Homemade Wrapping Paper

Living overseas means that you need to be super-organized when it comes to holidays and special occasions.  In today's world of Skype, email and iMessage it's easy to forget that if you want to send something via post, it takes time.  We have all of these amazing resources that make our world seem so small, but the fact is, it's a big place!!  This is why I am beginning to organize some of my Christmas gifts that will need to be shipped to various places around the globe.

Another challenge of living overseas (in a country that doesn't really celebrate Christmas for that matter) is the lack of holiday goods and supplies.  They are around, in fact, there are tons available.  However they are expensive.  I don't want to spend that much money on some ugly wrapping paper with bad Engrish on it.  I also don't really need 10 meters of it to wrap a couple of small gifts that can't wait.  So, I decided to make my own wrapping paper.

It's incredibly easy, and I am definitely not claiming that it is an original idea - I know it has been done before.  I didn't search Pinterest for a tutorial, since it's pretty self explanatory, and I don't mean for this to be a tutorial.  I just want to share what I did!

I started with this roll of white paper that I bought at Ikea...¥500 for 30 meters - a great deal, especially when I really bought it to use for some school projects.

Then, I picked out a few Christmassy washi tapes, some that I bought especially and some that I already had. 

After measuring the paper to fit my gift, I started at one corner and just started sticking lines of tape from one edge to the other.  I didn't bother to measure, since the edges won't be seen once it's wrapped.  I also didn't worry about how straight the tape was...I'm not trying to hide the fact that the paper is homemade, so the imperfections make it perfect!

I also used my alphabet stamps to stamp a line of "Merry Christmas" every so often.

I love the way it turned out!!  I was only planning on using this paper for the few gifts I was shipping early, but I am sort of thinking I will make some more to wrap other gifts with as well. 

Let the countdown(s) begin...
57 days til America
50 days til Christmas
40 days til Vienna
37 days til UAE
24 more work days this year

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