This post is late.  I haven't had the best week and was just ready to crawl into bed when I got home each night.  I can't not share these pictures with you though!!

On Sunday I went back to Kyoto to go sightseeing with my friend Junko.  We decided to go to Arashiyama, a suburb of Kyoto which is famous for it's autumn leaves.  We weren't the only ones with this idea!

It's easy to get to Arashiyama from Kyoto.  We took Hankyu to Katsura, then changed to the Arashiyama line.  It took less than 20 minutes and cost about ¥300.

Despite the crowds (this seems to be becoming my catchphrase!) it was a fantastic day.  I spent most of the day saying things like "Look at that one!" and "It's so beautiful!" or just plain speechless.

 Luckily Junko is a shutterbug as well...I am very jealous of her camera!!!

I've always thought that the mountains in Japan look like a watercolor painting this time of year.  Splotches of all different colors creating a blurry's just SO pretty!!

I had to listen to everyone saying how early we were, that the leaves weren't ready yet (ahhh, chotto hayai, desu ne...) I found it a bit hard to believe with colors like these.

After a few hours of wandering around Arashiyama Park, we stopped at a takoyaki stand for my all-time favorite Japanese food (octopus balls...try them before making a face!!)

Arashiyama is also famous for it's cherry blossoms, so I may have to stick around in Japan long enough for them to bloom.  From the number of cherry trees I saw it's bound to be breathtaking!  There is loads more to see at Arashiyama that we didn't have time for on Sunday, so another trip is required no matter what!

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