Preparations (and Christmas cookies!)

It's in the days leading up to a trip when I'm really glad that I am a housewife (as stated on my visa).  Even for short trips, there is so much to prepare.  Yesterday we dug out our winter clothes, which we don't need at all here, so that I could wash them and get them ready for their once yearly use.  The house is going to need an extra-good cleaning, because I don't like to come home to a dirty apartment and definitely don't want any bugs to find a home here!  My favorite winter hat and mittens have gone missing, so I need to start searching for them as well as gathering all the bits and pieces that need to be packed up to go with us.  It's all very exciting, but as I said, I'm glad I've got plenty of time so that it doesn't become stressful!

In between all that we can't forget that it's Christmas, and that means Christmas cookies.  Usually I would bake several batches of different kinds of cookies all in one go so that we were well stocked for the season.  So far this month we've baked three (four if cake counts) holiday treats, and promptly eaten the entire batch the same day, or over the course of a couple of days if we're being well behaved!  At least nothing's going to waste, but it's not the same as having a variety to choose from.  I did some baking this morning that will hopefully get us through this week.  When we get back perhaps I'll do some late Christmas baking so that we have cookies to share with some visitors coming just after the new year!

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