Louise Kreher Ecology Preserve

I have another one of our Sunday walks to share with you today!

One of the perks of living in a college town when said college has a huge agricultural department, is that they have to have places to study all that agriculture and nature and such.  Cue the Kreher Ecology Preserve.  It is part of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Services and they have done an outstanding job of creating an area to learn about nature and just get out in the fresh air.
If you visit, take a map from the box.  There are loads of trails and the preserve is pretty big.  Even though the map is very confusing and not at all to scale, it kept us from being completely lost!
They have the sweetest Fairy Trail, where young visitors (and old ones!) are encouraged to use items they find on the trail (or obviously have brought along with them) to create fairy houses!  So cute!
Shhhh...do not disturb the fairies!
The trails are marked for the most part - if you are walking in the right direction!

This is called the Wildflower Trail.  When we visited in November it was full of tall grasses.  Hopefully in Spring and Summer it will be full of flowers.

Bryn wanted to take the Monolith Trail to see the Monolith.  We eventually found the trail, but Bryn was less than impressed with the mini-monolith!

This was our second Sunday walk at the Kreher preserve, and it definitely deserves many more visits! It is full of well-kept trails that I know will have something to come back for in all seasons.  Even on a drab winter day it was peaceful and lovely to wander through the forest and fields.

Even after two visits we still have more trails to explore and can't wait to see it in spring and summer.

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