Our Garden Transformation

Did I ever mention we bought a house?  Almost 2 years ago this week! We have had lots of little projects going on, but the biggest one so far has been the back garden.  When we moved in it was basically a blank slate, aside from the elephant in the "room" - the huge platform deck in the middle of the lawn. (These photos were screen shots from the real estate page for the house).
Our first priority was to take down the tent and take apart the deck.  Dad came down one weekend and took the tent off of our hands.  A few weeks later, with a hurricane lurking in the Gulf, he came back and the real demolition began!  
The original plan was to get rid of the deck and board walk and make a patio using pavers closer to the screen porch.  When we saw the amount of decent lumber we were left with, Dad suggested building a wooden deck that sat closer to the ground in the area where we wanted it, so that's what we did.
Over three days, we managed to get rid of an eye-sore and replace it with something completely usable!
We were left with a lot of extra lumber, so Dad made another trip back and we designed and built raised vegetable garden beds.  The beds sat empty for several months until Bryn's birthday, when he was gifted (from mom, dad and I) pallets of fertilizer and soil to fill them with.  We added pebbles as walk-ways between the beds and some trellises for roses to climb over.  That spring we planted our first crops - strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes for me, chilis for Bryn, and squash, zucchini and cucumbers for both of us.
We've added beer-garden style string lights and fairly lights in the tree by the porch as well.  What was once a really blah back yard is now perfect for dining al fresco and just unwinding after work and on weekend.
I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our back garden!  I'm hoping to start documenting the progress more regularly - what we are planting and when, Bryn's tips and tricks (he's got a green thumb!) and just watching it change through the seasons.  

(All of these photos except the first few are from mine, Bryn's or Dad's phones, so if the quality isn't great, that's my only excuse!)

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