Siddique Nature Park

I have to start off with a quick disclaimer...these pictures are pretty blah.  It was an overcast morning, and since it's the middle of winter, absolutely everything is the same color!!
Siddique Nature Park is a waterfowl preserve just minutes from our house.  It has a well-maintained but very natural trail that leads to two duck viewing blinds and around a little lake.  If you walk the whole trail, it is about 2 miles, so a nice length for a Sunday morning walk.
Even though this was our third visit to the park, it was our first time seeing any kind of waterfowl on the lake!  While I'm far from a bird expert, we were pretty sure they were wood ducks - pretty cool. (You cannot see them in my photos...I guess next I need a super-zoom lens!)
There is one area on the far side of the lake that I have decided to call The Grotto. It is a magical tangle of vines and twisty, spindly trees that create a canopy over the trail.  It's so pretty, and I would not be at all surprised to come across some fairies or a unicorn in there!  Winter obviously doesn't do it much justice, but oh my goodness it's my favorite place!
Just like all the walks we have taken so far, I am looking forward to visiting Siddique in the spring and summer months in order to see a little more color!

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