Cherry Blossom Everything!

Can you believe there is only one day left of February?  That means spring is right around the corner!  The past few days have been mild and not felt near as winter-like as the rest of the month.  I know it's just a tease, and it's going to get cold again before it really warms up, but it's nice not to be frozen all of the time.

Another sure-fire sign of spring? Well, at least in Japan, anyways...Cherry Blossom products!  The trees won't be blossoming for another month or so, but the sakura flavored and themed goodies are popping up on signs and shelves everywhere.  Starbucks has a sakura flavored drink (I'm not a huge fan...) there are sakura kit kats, beer cans, drinks...the list goes on and on.  I've got some cherry blossom tea and even some "pickled" cherry blossoms (B and I came across them in Kyoto last year and had to try them!).  My lastest sakura discovery?  Sakura ice cream.  Yes, that's right - Haagen-Dazs has a special cherry blossom flavor out!  Of course it had to be tried. (And I mean, look how pretty the packaging is!!  I am a total sucker for good packaging.)

I'm so excited for spring, and so grateful that I will get to be in Japan one more time to see the Cherry Blossoms before I leave.  It is by far my favorite time of year in this country, and makes the long, cold winter completely worth it.  Seeing all of these spring-like sakura themed things makes me a very excited girl!!

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