Winter Blues

This is my "cheer up" collage filled with things that make me happy! All images came from Tumblr.

C'mon, April!!!  I'm having an off week.  Things just aren't going right and I'm even throwing away money (literally).

I think I have a bad case of the winter blues, if that's even a thing.  My symptoms? Zero motivation to go out and do anything, frustrated by tiny, insignificant things, and honestly all I can think about is April 1st, because that's when I'll be finished with my contract and heading back to be with B. 

I'm trying hard to do little things things to try and make myself a little more perky and less of a to brighten up my tiny apartment...treating myself to a late morning matinee to get out of the house...crossing off days on the calendar... But I think what I really need is a break, a pool and some sunshine.

My main reprieve from my "blues" are weekend mornings.  I make myself a cup of coffee, climb back in bed and spend a couple of hours chatting with mom and dad on Skype, perusing Pinterest and Tumblr and swiping through my digital magazines.  To me, this is heaven, and what I'll continue to look forward to until my countdown finally comes to an end.

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