A Day in the Life

^^7:01 am: get up, coffee, breakfast, TV and iPad time^^

One thing I have tried to be extra careful about is not taking too much advantage of my role as housewife.  By that I mostly mean sleeping late every day.  Even though Bryn leaves the house early, I am out of bed at around 7 each day.  But I tell you what - after waking up before 6 for the past few years, sleeping til 7 feels very luxurious!

Once I'm up, I make a latte in my favorite mug - a gift from a few of the teachers I worked with in Osaka - then take an hour or so for myself to really wake up, check emails, catch up on blogs and maybe watch a little TV.  This me time every morning is my favorite part of the day!

^^8:08 am: yoga, chores and shower^^

Once I'm done with my morning coffee I get right into a little bit of exercise.  I'm very into yoga right now, and absolutely love Yoga with Adriene's YouTube channel.  

The trade off for getting to be a stay-at-home housewife is that I do all the chores.  I don't mind a bit! It's easy since I can spread the housework out across the week, doing a little each day.  That definitely beats both of us forcing ourselves to get it done during the weekend.

^^9:40 am: blog time^^

Once the house is in order and I'm all showered and ready, I make myself a smoothie and sit down to work on my blog or other projects. 

^^12:15 pm: lunch^^

I'm all about hummus, flat bread and vegetables this week.  

^^1:50 pm: iced coffee and sewing^^

I'm not gonna lie...sometimes I eat my lunch in front of the TV and don't move again until Bryn comes home from work (at around 2:30 or 3 most days).  Sometimes though, if I'm well into a project I'll retreat back to my little office/sewing room for the afternoon.  I so want to be able to sew my own clothes, or anything for that matter, so it's practice, practice, practice!

^^2:47 pm: coffee date and errands^^

Today was a bit out of the ordinary.  After Bryn got home, we got in the car and went across the wadi for an iced latte (gasp - three coffees in one day!).  You can see an example of the stellar parking people do in the shopping center parking lot...would you believe me if I told you that actually wasn't a bad job?!

^^3:20 pm: neighborhood drive^^

After coffee we went for a little exploration drive around the neighborhood.  We saw some seriously big houses! (More on that another day!)

^^7:43 pm: TV time!^^

With dinner (fish pie) finished and cleared up, we settle into the living room for some quality TV.  Monday equals Game of Thrones for us.  After a few more episodes of this or that, it's off to bed.  

Good night!

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