(re)Reading: Blood Promise, the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series I mentioned here.

Eating: my go-to snack these last few weeks has been rice cakes covered with peanut butter and nutella - both, at the same time.  It's good!

Drinking: water! Gotta stay hydrated, especially when you live in the desert.

Watching: I'm addicted to House Hunters International.  We get the US and the UK versions here, and I love getting to look inside houses and apartments in different countries.  Also, as our usual shows finish for the season, Bryn and I are becoming slightly obsessed with the Australian show My Kitchen Rules.

Making: my t-shirt quilt.  Also just playing with my sewing machine on scraps of fabric and on the inexpensive fabrics you can get here so easily.  I'm determined to becoming a good seamstress!

Planning: our trip to the states this summer.  It's just over a month away, and even though the majority of the plans include eating, drinking and sitting by the pool (or on the beach) we are both really looking forward to it!

Wanting: more shorts.  Even though I can't wear them out of the house here, I have been living in the few pairs I have since I rarely leave the house!  Also, there's no rules against showing your knees in Alabama...

Blooming: one the frangipani "sticks" Bryn collected off the side of the road! It smells soooo good!

I borrowed the idea for this post from the blog i suwanee's "Flings" series, and Cider with Rosie's "Life lately {in verbs} series.

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