Easy Jewelry Display

I find that I wear the same two necklaces on monthly rotations, which is a bit boring when I have a jewelry box full of necklaces sitting on my dresser (all of which I'm sure I desperately needed at one time or another!)  While I was in Osaka I bought myself a little cork board hoping to jazz up a blank wall in my apartment.  In a moment of boredom I ended up displaying some of my necklaces which usually stay hidden away.  Not only did they look pretty hanging on the wall, but I also found that since they were so easily accessible, I was wearing them more often.

I didn't bother packing the cork board when I left Japan (suitcase space and weight is precious when you're moving countries!) and replaced it with a much less expensive and less attractive one once I got back to the UAE.  In order to make it look a little nicer I covered it with some fabric I had lying around and added a navy ribbon trim.  

Just like that, my jewelry was back on display.  I'm thinking of picking up some lace to add to it next time we're fabric shopping in order to display earrings as well (I've seen some pretty neat ideas on Pinterest).  So for now, we'll call it a work in progress!

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