On Friday we got on the road to Dubai bright and early to go to one of my favorite stores - Ikea!  Would you believe that I had never been to an Ikea before living in Japan?  After that first visit I was hooked.

Our house is like an Ikea show room.  It's not necessarily by choice, but we're not complaining.  It does mean that everything goes together, and it's so easy to shop for other accessories and know they will match what we already have.

Friday's shopping trip was very successful, and we even managed to get out of the store without too many impulse buys.  This is what we got.

One of the main things we were shopping for were picture frames.  I had some Walter Anderson prints that I had picked up in Ocean Springs while I was visiting in January and I am working on some crafty things for my little office space.  Unfortunately the white frames aren't going to work for my little project (which means another trip to Ikea to replace them - yay!), but the prints look great in the wooden frames.

One of the impulse buys were a couple of cushion covers.  They were only slightly impulsive though, since we are pretty much always actively looking for covers that will brighten up our living room.

The kitchen section is where I really have to practice some self control!  We didn't do too bad, though.  We came home with a couple of pots and pans to replace some old ones, some kitchen towels and a strainer spoon thing B has wanted since leaving Japan the first time.

Another item on our must-find list was a mirror for my dresser.  This simple one is perfect and will serve its purpose well!

And you even get an unintentional yet unavoidable picture of me!

Finally we picked up a set of two cardboard storage boxes that I will store some of my shoes in.  Living in the hot desert I pretty much never take off my flip flops.  Even though I really don't own too many pairs of shoes, some of my nicer, "real world" shoes and cold weather shoes were just taking up space and gathering sand, so now I can hide them away neatly until I need them!

All in all it was a very successful Ikea trip.  We even rounded off the home improvement themed shopping trip with a stop at Ace Hardware for a hose and some garden stakes.  Such fun!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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