T-Shirt Quilt Update!

I've made progress!  I admit, it's not as much progress as I would have liked, but it's progress nonetheless. Since I last told you about my t-shirt quilt project, I have ironed interfacing on all of my t-shirts, cut them to size and started to think about how I will arrange them.

The next step (and what I hope to get done this week) is measuring and cutting the sashing, or the fabric that will go between each t-shirt.  A lot of the tutorials I have read skip this step and simply sew each t-shirt together, but seeing as some of mine are different sizes, and I want the quilt to be a bit bigger, I am going to do it.  As you can see in the picture, I've decided that I'm going to make the backing out of a fleece blanket that I already have.  It's white which is nice and neutral, and will be cozy and soft if I ever decide to use the quilt as an actual quilt!

Some thoughts on the process so far...

-I wish I had a cutting mat and rotary cutters, or even at the very least decent scissors!  I feel like I've slaughtered the edges of my t-shirts, but (fingers crossed) that won't be evident in the finished quilt.  I've also realized that I suck at cutting straight lines.

-I really only have patience when it comes to teaching young children and horses.  I really need to slow down and make sure I do a good job instead of rushing to see the end result.

-I. Am. Old.  A couple of these t-shirts go back to 2001! It's 2014 now, which means I got those t-shirts 13 years ago.  A college t-shirt.  THIRTEEN YEARS! That is a long time...

Be sure to check back to see how it's going! 

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