Houmas House Tour

I just thought I'd throw up a little bonus post of some of the photos I took inside Houmas House.  The quality isn't fantastic (low light, no tripod and my refusal to use a flash) they are still sort of interesting (I think) and some are even kinda creepy!
 ^^A vampire repelling kit.  People were seriously worried about vampires down there!^^
 ^^The current owner of Houmas House held an actual wedding for his dogs...like with loads of guests and catering and everything.  It was all meant to be a joke, but wow!^^
Unfortunately the house was having some work done (it is actually a private residence and someone lives there...apparently there were problems with the old pipes and doing work on historic houses is never a quick fix).  While I believe we still saw the majority of the parts of the house on tour, it was not the traditional path.  (I always think places that charge entrance fees should alert you that the attractions are under construction and about what you may be missing due to this, or adjust the entrance fees...most tourist spots in Japan did this if you looked them up online and it saved me from paying to see scaffolding many times...of course this is just my opinion!  While I believe there was a "please excuse our renovations" sign in the gift shop, a little more of an explantation would have been nice!  If Liz ruled the world...sigh!)

More photos of the not under renovation gardens tomorrow!

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