Random Alabama: "Bamahenge"

Friday afternoon while I was in Starbucks waiting on my iced coffee I overheard an interesting conversation.  Ok, so I was eavesdropping, but if you're in Starbucks you shouldn't be having conversations you don't want overheard, or you should at least use your "inside voice"!  Anyways, the lady was asking her companion if they had been to the mini Stonehenge in Elberta.  

Well, I didn't know there was a mini Stonehenge in Elberta, so I immediately whipped out my phone and Googled it.  Sure enough, there it was - "Bamahenge".  I mean, how much more redneck can you get?  My Saturday plans were made.
On Saturday I did all my weekly chores and set off for Elberta in search of "Bamahenge".  It was not difficult to find, especially since I'm pretty familiar with the area.  

^^Self timer fail!^^

Bamahenge is one of the many, very random art installations at Barber Marina.  Along with the mini fiberglass replica of Stonehenge, there are dinosaurs dotted along the road as well as several other large pieces of "art".  
I didn't stop to see all the dinosaurs or other monuments, so I'll have to go back one day.  To see the infamous Bamahenge for yourself (or go dinosaur hunting) take 98 East through Elberta, and turn south onto county road 95 (right at the intersection where Tambo's BBQ is).  Turn right on Fish Trap Road, then left into Barber Marina.  Bamahenge is on the right, and the dinosaurs are scattered along the road.
(If you don't fancy lunch at Tambo's, you're right in the neighb of Pirate's Cove, so go get a greasy burger and people watch!)

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