Roadside BBQ

After our sail we were starving so we went off in search of a late lunch.  Our first choice of restaurant was closed, so we turned around and headed for Tambo's - a little BBQ joint in Elberta, AL.

It's a dive, I tell you what, but they are always the best!  Decor included a couple of deer heads and a wild boar head.  There's two bottles of BBQ sauce on the table - sweet or tangy, as well as a bottle of hot sauce and a roll of paper towels. (Anyplace that has whole rolls of paper towels on the tables is bound to be good!)

When I ordered my regular BBQ chicken sandwich, fried okra and a drink, the lady at the checkout said, "no, that's too expensive.  You need to get the special!"  Ok!  Whatever you say!

We all finished our meals by licking the leftover BBQ sauce off our fingers, and dad even treated us all to an ice cream sandwich from the filling station next door.

Ya, know...just another afternoon in southern Alabama!

(Bryn gets credit for that last picture!)

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