10 Photos from our Weekend

We had quite a nice weekend!  It was kind of busy, but mostly relaxing which works well for me.  

We had a beautiful sunset on our last night at the beach.

Friday morning we had a visitor in our back garden.  

Tuck was not terribly disturbed by it!

All the plants have been very happy thanks to the scattered thunder showers we've been having each day.

We took a very exciting (and hot) trip to the Lowe's garden center.  When we got back I headed straight for the pool!

Saturday morning, after a swim, mom and I went out to look for a pot for the succulents she had picked out at Lowe's.  We tried our luck at the Antiques Galleria, and found everything but the perfect flower pot.

After lunch at Taco Bell (it has been so long and it didn't disappoint!), we came home to plant the succulents, then get right back in the pool.

On Sunday morning dad, Bryn and I went to a park near the house to take a walk.

And I promptly got into the pool once we got back!  (See a pattern here?!)  I've got more on each of these super exciting things,  this is more of a preview.  Stay tuned!

I hope you had a nice weekend also!

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