Shrimpin' (and feeding the dolphins!)

Dad and my brother went halvesies on a shrimping net a while back.  The other day, dad, my uncle Michael and I decided to go try our luck out in Perdido Bay.

Dad and I had to wait out a thunderstorm, but just as uncle Michael arrived, the storms cleared out making it a beautiful day!

Once we were out in the bay, we dropped the nets.

Shrimpin' is slow business, so we grabbed a cold drink and enjoyed the sunshine and view, and chatted a bit while we waited.

Before long we had a follower! (Yeah, that little dot on the left.)

After about thirty minutes dad and uncle Michael pulled in the net while I took the wheel.  They dumped the nets to to nothing.  A couple of little sting rays, a catfish or two, some jelly fish, lots of pin fish and about 18 shrimp.

As we sorted through our catch and threw the stuff we didn't want back, we got some visitors!!

Three dolphins came right up for a little snack.

They were right by the boat!!! I seriously could have reached out and petted one.  

That was the closest I had ever been to dolphins and it was amazing!  I always wanted to be the kid picked to pet the dolphins at the dolphin show at the aquarium (but never was), and I even went through a phase where I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.  Seeing them right up close, and in the wild no less was so much fun...way more fun than the actual shrimping.

I'm definitely in for the next shrimping trip, if only for the dolphin feeding session if nothing else!

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