Bargain Hunting

Mom and I both got a little excited when we saw all the succulents at the garden center on Friday morning.  Mom was all set to buy a pre-made arrangement when I talked her into picking out a few individual plants that we could put into our own arrangement.  Plants purchased, we just needed to find the perfect vessel to plant them in.  With that in mind, mom and I ventured out to the local antiques galleria to see what we could find.

To make a long story short, we weren't terribly successful in the galleria!  The pots either didn't have drainage holes (and weren't really a material we could put holes in), weren't the right size or weren't the right price.  It didn't mean that we didn't discover some absolute treasures - things we just never knew we needed (and some that we knew we definitely didn't the leather t-rex!)

I had never been antiquing before but have been interested in it thanks to shows Bryn and I sometimes watch like Antiques Road Show or Bargain Hunters (the UK versions).  It was a lot of fun to wander around the huge antiques mall and wonder who on earth would have ever bought those things in the first place?!  I won't lie though, there were a couple things that I may well have gotten myself if I lived here in the US and not on the other side of the world.  That just gives me something else to look forward to when Bryn and I finally settle down in a "normal" day ;)  

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