Meridian, MS and Weidmann's

Dad had some business to take care of in Meridian, MS last week, so Bryn and I went along for the ride.  My mom and dad both grew up in Meridian, so I've been going there for years, but hadn't been  back since before I moved to Japan.

We made one crucial stop on the way there...peaches!  We stopped off at a roadside stand called Fontaine's Peach Outlet for two huge baskets full of fresh Mississippi peaches.  I actually think some were meant to be given away, but we have pretty much finished off both good!

We stopped by my aunt's house to pick her up, and we headed downtown for lunch at Weidmann's.  It's pretty much a Meridian institution.

There is a carafe of peanut butter on each table.  It's kinda their 'thing'.

Dad had shrimp and grits...

Aunt Susan had a soft-shell crab po boy...

Bryn had grilled catfish...

And I had a BLT, complete with fried green tomatoes.  Weidman's makes their own fresh potato chips, and they were gooood!  So well seasoned though that I couldn't finish all of mine, although I wouldn't have said no to a bag to take with me!

Everyone managed to clean their plates, and after a quick driving tour of Meridian for Bryn, we dropped Aunt Susan off and headed back for Alabama.

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