Crawfish Lessons

Since Bryn is a Kiwi and a lot of the "American stuff" is still pretty new and exciting for him, his USA to-do list was even longer than mine.  One of the "to-eat" items on his list this summer were boiled crawfish.  He and mom came across some on a grocery run so that he could have a taste!

I've only eaten crawfish once before, so mom was the sensei!  Incase you don't have your own crawfish-sensei, here's Southern Living's guide to eating boiled crawfish.

He refused to suck the heads the way a true crawfish connoisseur would (who could blame him!!!), but enjoyed them nonetheless!

We've got another month to work on his US to-do list (and mine as well!)

If you have any other must-eat, must-see or must-do recommendations for a Kiwi (or any foreigner) visiting the US, let me know!

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