Millions of Peaches...

Next to watermelon, a good, ripe peach is my favorite fruit.  I was spoiled growing up having good peaches all summer long.  In Japan there were peaches, but they only sold the absolutely perfect looking ones in supermarkets and they cost a fortune.  Once I got lucky and a friend of ours knew a guy with a peach orchard.  He sold me the less-than-perfect ones for cheap (and they were very good!). In the UAE fruit is sort of hit or miss.  It's all imported (dry desert doesn't make for good growing conditions) so the fruit is often pretty flavorless.  There is nothing more disappointing than biting into any piece of fruit to find that it tastes of...absolutely nothing.

Peaches were right up there on my "to eat" list this summer, and the roadside fruit and vegetable markets have plenty of them!  We picked up two huge baskets full when we were in Mississippi the other day and have been eating peaches ever since.  They are sooooo good, and I'm far from growing tired of them! I wonder how many I can stuff myself with before we head back to the desert?

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