More Scenes from Houmas House

 ^^I found Mom and Bryn talking to this guy who had a nice breezy spot in the shade^^
What I love so much about Europe is it's long history and all of the grand architecture you can still see today.  While these plantation houses are nowhere near as old as much of what Europe has to offer, they are pretty much as close as I'm going to get while I'm here.  Let's face it, it's as close to Downton Abbey as America gets!  It's fun to step back in time and see how (the rich) people lived all those years ago.  

While I'm sure the gardens weren't near as pristine and well cared for as they are today, you can still imagine the southern belles strolling through the grounds in their swaying hoop skirts!

We'll make it back to Avery Island for some hot sauce soon enough (maybe once it cools down a bit?!), but I'm glad we took the time to visit Houmas House.  I can't wait to get over to another one of the Mississippi River plantations!

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