My brother and his family live down the road from Abita Springs, LA, home of the Abita Brewery.  I had lunch with my brother and parents at the Abita Brew Pub there on new year's eve (read about it here!).  Mom, Dad and I decided to pay the brewery a visit before I flew out.

The Abita Brewery offers tours for anyone in the area...tours with all you can drink beer.  Basically they opened the taps to pour your own beer 20 minutes before the tour.  You could taste as many different brews as you wanted, and drink as much as you wanted until the "tour" started.

Mixing and matching is encouraged.

A very blurry family self portrait, haha!

Refills before the "tour"...

The tour was a quick walk and talk through the brewing process (bring your cup along!).

Those tanks are big!

 I asked dad to take my picture...he took several (18) for me to choose from!! :)

Ok...give me the phone...

Following the talk, the taps are reopened for more beer drinking (ahem) tasting.

My favorite Abita beer is Purple Haze.  It's made with raspberries, so it had a little bit of sweetness and the end.

 If you're in the New Orleans or North Shore area and fancy some free beer...I mean, a tour of the brewery, head on over to Abita Springs. Information about brewery tours can be found on their website.

[In part of their talk the tour guide told us that Abita was sold in 42 countries (excluding New Zealand).  Well, before I flew out of Dubai I decided to have a 1am Shake Shack, and low and behold what did they have :)]

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