Getting my Blogging Act Together

Image via Tumblr, because who doesn't want to be at the beach in the middle of January?!

I know, bad blogger!!

The cardinal rule of blogging is to blog often, and I have not done that.  You see, I found myself a little too relaxed over my vacation... laptop is in the other room and the couch is so comfortable!
       ...I have to catch up on every episode of The Originals before the season starts back up again!
       ...the SD card reader is in the bottom of my bag...
       ...yes, I would like to ride along to Target/Winn Dixie/Wal Mart/ (insert name of store here)...

So yeah, I felt I had, um, more important things to do!

Then I got back to Japan.  Up before the sun, work, work, work, home after dark, dinner, drag myself to bed, repeat.  This first week back to work has been a kick in the butt!  That, and the combination of jet lag, cold weather and pure exhaustion had me struggling to keep my eyes open past 8:30!!

But let's be honest, those are just excuses! 

2014 is meant to be the year of the blog for me!  I really want to put some time and effort into it, and I will. 

I can't say my little break from the internet was a bad thing, though.  It has actually been refreshing.  I have had time to clear my head and think, so now I'm overflowing with blog ideas and am really excited about moving forward!

So, check back soon and often. I'm spending the weekend editing pictures and prepping posts.  If I leave my little apartment at all it's only for supplies for some post ideas I have!

Have a great weekend!

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