Even more phone photos

It seems I have been taking lots of pictures with my phone. No sense in letting them go unseen, so here are some more that may or may not have made it onto Instagram over the past few weeks.

 I was upgraded to business class for my super long flight to Dallas from Dubai (16 hours, yikes!) Being able to lie your seat down flat and sleep for the majority of the flight made the biggest difference in the world! I wouldn't say I arrived refreshed, but not nearly as shattered as I would have been had I been stuck in economy! 
 Pretty, bright orange sunset over Mobile Bay.

 The laziest cat you ever did see!

 Effects of the polar vortex in Pensacola, Florida.  

 I wish it was as warm as it looked out there!!

 Demolishing what might be the biggest burger I've ever seen!

 Lunch Lousinana-style.

 Taking a tour of the Abita Brewery.

 B has gotten me hooked on the QuizUp App.  This might be my greatest achievement ;)

 Japan makes me laugh...what an original name for a tooth brushing gum.

 I rarely find the energy to cook on a Friday night.  Last week I treated myself to takoyaki from my local takoyaki stand.

I bought myself two new necklaces at the JCrew outlet in Alabama. They were on super-clearance, so they practically gave them to me!

Setsubun is right around the corner, so I need to go get myself some sushi making supplies and research the lucky direction for 2014!

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