Ocean Springs, MS & the WAMA

We decided to drive over to Ocean Springs, Mississippi the other day to visit the Walter Anderson Museum of Art (WAMA).  Walter Anderson was an artist from the area who drew, painted and wrote about the Gulf Coast.  There is a really nice little museum in Ocean Springs which has loads of the art he created throughout his life. 

We arrived in Ocean Springs around noon, and our first order of business was lunch.  We went into a little French bistro-looking restaurant on the main street, because it was the only place we saw.  (Later we discovered a street full of restaurants!) Anyways, it was a busy little place, but pretty good!  Mom even got a Bloody Mary that came with pieces of bacon as a garnish - yum.

After lunch we visited the museum.  It is connected to the Ocean Springs Community Center, which Anderson painted murals all over.  Inside the museum there is a letter from the town which said they paid him $1 for the job!

The museum also has Anderson's "Little Room", a room that was detached from his cottage (just down the road) which he had also painted.  Like the Community Center, it's very colorful and whimsical!

He had a huge variety of art...watercolors, drawings, prints, ceramics... Some of my favorites where the horsey things, of course!

After the museum we went down the road to Shearwater Pottery, which is owned by the artist's family.  It is full of ceramics made mostly by Anderson's brother.  Anderson's little cottage (where the little room came from) is just next door.

We drove around a bit before heading back to Alabama for the evening.  Ocean Springs is a cute little town, and if you find yourself in the area, definitely give the WAMA a visit!

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