Lately (according to my phone)

Last week was not a very nice week for me. Not only was it my first full week back at work after my month-long Christmas holiday, but I was also nursing a nasty cold.  Thank goodness I thought to get some good foreign cold medicine while I was away, but I've used it all up now, so fingers crossed I don't catch another cold!

Since I spent the last week and this weekend nursing my poorly self back to feeling a little bit alive, I haven't gone out and done anything interesting.  I guess that's the way with winter.  All I really want to do is hibernate at my little kotatsu and watch every episode of The Originals, Reign, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries! 

Buuuuuut...the plum blossoms should start to bloom soon, so I'll have to scope out some good spots, bundle up, get myself a huge, extra hot Starbucks and get some pictures!

Anyways, here are some shots from my phone that may or may not have made it onto Instagram. Do you follow me?  Follow me!

 Preparing my nengajo (New Year's greeting cards) to send before I left the country. It's the year of the horse, so it was SO difficult to choose a design!  I wanted them all!

 View of the Rinku Town Ferris wheel from the airport bound train.
 Back in Dubai! The sunset and Burj Khalifa in the rear view mirror.

 A dancing fountain set to music in the harbor outside of Festival City in Dubai.  Such a fun surprise!

 Festival City, all decked out for Christmas.

 St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna.  I absolutely LOVE that my phone made it sparkle somehow!!

 AND it made it snow in this one of the Christmas tree market!!  How cool is that?!?

 ...A sparkling Christmas market at the Rathaus!

 B and I all bundled up in freezing Vienna.

 Back in Al Ain...Starbucks fail.  Lit, seriously?!?

 Selfie in the reflective windows of the Jahili Park Starbucks in Al Ain.

 December in the UAE...can't complain about this weather.

 B, his dad and I went to the Irish Village in Dubai the night before collecting visitors from the airport.

 See that guy in the sweater in the background?  It was FREEZING!!

 We were joined by some friendly ducks and cats.

 On our way to the zoo with my new favorite hat.

Waiting for Nadal and Tsonga to play in Abu Dhabi.

To be continued...turns out I have taken a lot of pictures with my phone over the past month!

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