Fairhope, AL and Wintzell's Oyster House

While I was home in Alabama, I got to see lots of family.  My aunt and uncle came over from Florida for the weekend, and we decided to head down the road to Fairhope on a Sunday morning.  Although it was a bit cloudy and overcast, it was a nice, mild, pre-polar vortex day.

Fairhope is a cute little town filled with little shops and restaurants.  Unfortunately we discovered that it is basically closed on Sundays, so I suggest visiting on a different day of the week.

However, the quiet, closed up ghost town made for excellent photo taking conditions!  With no cars out at all, I could stand right there in the middle of the street to take my pictures! 

One shop had a live action window.  I'm not sure this kitty was enjoying being in the spotlight though!

Once we had established that everything was indeed closed, at least until later that afternoon, we continued down the road in search of some lunch. 

We decided on Wintzell's Oyster House.  The original Wintzell's is in downtown Mobile, which I've eaten at before.  There is also another in Orange Beach that I know of, as well various others scattered around Alabama.

Although we didn't have to wait too long for our food, the decor of the restaurant can keep you entertained for quite a while...it provides lots of reading material!  There was also a live blues musician to add to the deep south ambiance, if you're into that sort of thing.

We started with fried dill pickles...

Mom and dad both had red beans and rice...

Aunt Beth and Uncle John had shrimp and grits...

And I had fish tacos with sweet potato fries.  I am completely obsessed with sweet potato fries when I'm in the States!

Everyone enjoyed their meals and left completely stuffed!  Of course Wintzell's is best known for it's oysters (being an oyster house and all)...I've never been a fan though, so I'll leave my share for someone else!

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