DIY: Stamped Cocktail Napkins

Back in March I made a stamp out of an eraser to create these cute bags as an end of year gift for my students.  (Read about that here!)

I brought my eraser stamp making supplies with me to the UAE and decided to redo a little project we did for our wedding - stamped cocktail napkins.  Since it's summer, I settled on simple pineapple and watermelon designs.  As with the panda stamp above, I sketched my designs on paper first, then transferred them to the blank stamp and carefully carved away the stamps using my little linoleum cutter.

With this project in mind, I grabbed a couple packets of white cocktail napkins on our last Ikea trip.  My eraser and inks came from Japan.

I had to get creative and use my elementary color wheel knowledge to get the colors I wanted.  Luckily the ink set I have has all the primary colors, so I was good to go!

First up, the pineapple because it was quick and easy.

I started by dabbing a layer of yellow ink all over my pineapple stamp.

Then, I carefully dabbed a little blue ink only on the leaves since I wanted them to be green.  

Next I decided where I wanted the design on the napkin, and pressed gently all over the stamp to get a nice, even image.


The watermelon stamp took 5 steps...

1. I carefully placed yellow ink along the area I wanted to end up green.
2. Next I covered the same area with a little blue ink.
3. I used red ink all over the center of the watermelon.
(Not pictured - stamp on the napkin, then repeat the process to get 2 watermelon slices.)
4. I used a scrap piece of eraser dipped in black ink to make seeds.
5. Add some seeds to the red parts.

Although it's a bit time consuming with all the different colors, I think the finished napkins are cute and summery!  Now we just need some mojitos or margaritas and we'll be set!

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