My Birthday!

Saturday was my birthday!  I happened to have an appointment to get my hair done in Dubai, so that was a bit of an extra birthday pampering treat (getting my hair done is my favorite thing!)

Since I knew I would be out and about on my actual birthday and we were in the process of emptying our kitchen, I made myself a cake earlier this week.  It was fun to make and looked really pretty, but taste  I really should have bought a box mix!

Bryn went out to check the PO box today and came back with cards for me from Japan.  Turns out the parents of my old class got together and had all of my old students make me cards!  It was so much fun to read through the sweet notes from all of them.  I miss them so much and will have to plan a trip back to Japan to visit everyone.

I'll celebrate my birthday properly once we're in Sweet Home Alabama...I'm thinking shrimp, watermelon and an Abita Purple Haze (got all that mom and dad?!?).  

Ramadan has started here, which means all restaurants and cafes are closed until after dark.  You can't even drink water in public...pretty rough when it's so hot and dry.  We're cleaning and packing today and will head off for the airport tomorrow.  Forgive me if posting is a bit slow while I'm traveling! 

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  1. Those parents in Japan are so awesome! I love that they helped coordinate such a sweet gesture for you.