Flash Back Friday: Okinawa

When I turned on my computer this morning I made the mistake of looking back through my old photos.  For me that's pretty much the fastest way to waste a day!  When I travel, I usually bring photos back with me rather than souvenirs (aside from the mandatory fridge magnet and backpack patch), so looking through my photos brings back so many memories.

The album that sucked me in this morning was one that I hadn't looked through in years...my Christmas in Okinawa (2007).  Not sure what drew me to this particular album...maybe it's the fact that I'm dying for some beach time and Okinawa has some drop dead gorgeous ones.

My first year in Japan on the JET Program a couple other JETs and I decided to spend our Christmas holiday in the southern most tip of Japan - Okinawa!  We wanted a bit of a break from freezing cold temperatures of the mainland and were anxious to visit somewhere new.  We spent the majority of the trip in the Yaeyama Islands - the most southern group of islands in the prefecture.  It was such a nice, relaxing holiday and even a little bit adventurous.  Here's a handful of the photos I brought back with me.

Maybe I should try and do this every week...or at least a couple of times a month.  I love taking photos and have been doing it forever.  Most are from before my blogging days, so no one has ever seen them before!  Maybe I'll even go through some old family photos while I'm home this summer and get to work scanning!  

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