An Afternoon in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the US.  It's got great food, interesting history, a fun vibe and loads of interesting stuff to see.  Our usual family trips to New Orleans usually revolve around three meals - breakfast at Café du Monde, a muffaletta from Central Grocery for lunch, and then po boys for dinner at Acme Oyster Bar.  (And of course several beers, bloody marys or hurricanes in between.)

This trip was a little different.  We only stayed for the afternoon.  First we had a pick-me-up coffee and snack at Café du Monde.

No, I promise William wasn't actually drinking the coffee!

Then we wandered through the French Quarter for a while.  It never gets old!

After a break on the banks of the Mississippi River, we went for another wander.  Everyone was trying really hard to work up an appetite for po boys (my request), but we just weren't hungry!  We did eventually settle on garlic fries and beers at Gordon Biersch.  Those fries were delicious (I guess I thought they were finger lickin' good in that photo)!  We tried to recreate them for lunch the next day, and they weren't bad.  I'll have to work out a recipe to post soon!

So even though it wasn't our usual trip to the Big Easy, it was still fun (and hot!).  

I'll be back, New Orleans...don't you worry.

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