Favorite Summer Photos

I love my new camera, but it has been a learning experience! I took a lot of photos over the summer.  A whole lot.  Some were not so great and others I think are pretty good.  I still have a lot of learning to do, but here are some of my favorite shots from my summer holidays.  Let me know what you think!

^^Orange Beach, AL on the fourth of July.  I love the light on the fence and on the Hobie Cat in the background.^^

^^My brother setting off a Sky Lantern at the beach.  I'm not very good at low light photography, but I like how this one turned out.^^

^^My nephew, William.  I think I like taking portraits!^^

^^At the Antiques Galleria in Daphne, AL.  I just think the photo turned out pretty good!^^

 ^^Meridian, MS.  Along with taking photos in low light, I think I need to work on my composition.  I like how this one turned out, though.^^

^^My first ice cream making adventure - cappuccino ice cream!  It turned out soooo good, as did the salted caramel and vanilla cookie.  I really want to get good at taking pictures of food.^^

^^Bellingrath Gardens.  I love so many of the photos I took that day, so it was hard to choose.  I think I especially like that mom is right in the center of this one, all blurred out in the background.  It just works!^^

^^Windsor Ruins, MS.  There's nothing spectacular about this shot.  Looking at it now I can actually pick out a few things I could have done to improve it, but I like it any ways.^^

^^Oak Alley, LA.  Another place where I took so. many. pictures.  I like the composition of this one...sort of a happy accident I guess!^^

^^New Orleans, LA.  If that silly straw weren't right in the middle, I would call this a perfect picture. I think it captures the feel of CafĂ© du Monde perfectly - little sticky tables crowded with beignets,  coffees and glasses of sketchy water.  And its just so crisp!  Thank you fancy camera!^^

^^Maria and I in Fairhope, AL.  Dad took this photo, but I take all the credit for setting it up!!  I just love it.^^

^^Rainbow outside the house at Perdido.  This is another where I think I got the composition just about right.^^

So as you can see, my photography is coming along slowly, but surely!  I am excited to keep taking photos and learn all the cool things this little camera can do.

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