Oak Alley Plantation

After a very rainy morning in Natchez, Bryn, Dad and I got back on the road to go meet up with my mom and stay with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew for the weekend.  We met up at the Abita Springs Brew Pub for a beer, then had a quiet night in.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning, and started the day with breakfast (as you do!).

Once we were all fed, everyone piled in my brother's car and we set off for Vacherie, LA to visit Oak Alley Plantation.

It was absolutely stunning.  I should really just tell you to GO TO OAK ALLEY and let the pictures do the talking, but I feel like chatting a bit!

When we arrived it was a bit drizzly, but nothing compared to the day before in Natchez.  We spent a little while wandering through their newest exhibit that had opened a few weeks earlier.  

These are replicas of the kind of slave quarters that would have been at Oak Alley.  It was a sugarcane plantation in it's golden days, so it would have housed many slaves.

Before heading into the house for a tour, Bryn, Dad and I strolled down the "Oak Alley" itself to get some shots.  How we managed to get some without people in it we will never know!!

Just so that you can see how big those trees really are...

Then it was time for our tour.  Would you believe that Oak Alley lets you take pictures inside?!  And with a flash?!  Way to go Oak Alley!  Our tour guide was a lovely college freshman from the area, all dressed in period clothes.  It really set the scene to have girls wearing lovely hoop skirts wandering around the house!  (I totally would have wanted that job if I lived around there.)

At the end of the tour there was a conveniently located little stand selling old fashioned mint juleps.  When in Rome (a southern plantation) and all...

We continued wandering the grounds and sipping our juleps until everyone decided it was time for some food.  We had lunch at the restaurant there at the plantation - it was delicious (Bryn even ate alligator sausage!) and were thoroughly entertained by my nephew, William.

Again, it was a bit of a shame about the weather, but lots of fun.

The River Road in Louisiana is lined with plantations similar to Oak Alley, and we could have spent days visiting them all.  I'm so glad we chose Oak Alley and I can't recommend it enough - worth every penny.

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