Kitchen & Office Haul

I've been shopping a little lately...oops!  Since I like to hear about things other people have bought, I thought it might be fun to give you a little peek into some of the little gadgets and knick knacks I've picked up recently.

I'll start in the kitchen.  First up, these two fun little gadgets!

The green one, which looks a lot like a vegetable peeler actually has a blade that will julienne as you peel.  We picked this one up from Daiso, the Japanese 100 yen store.  It's absolutely perfect for slicing up carrots for Thai Chicken Pizza, which is regularly on our menu.

Next is the black thing that looks a bit like an hour glass.  We found it at a new shop that has opened in Al Ain Mall, and it made my day!  It's a spiral slicer.  With this little gizmo it's easy to turn vegetables like zucchini or cucumbers into spaghetti-like "pasta".  According to the picture on the box, the lid-like thing sticks into the end of your vegetable and you use it to turn the vegetable through the slicer.  So far that little turner thing seems pretty useless and leaves a lot of un-spiralized, wasted vegetable.  I think it will be much easier to do it by hand, or use a fork to help twist the veggie through...we'll see and I'll let you know.

You can also see part of my office shopping in the back-ground...a new carpet!  Bryn found this one for me...originally 699 dirhams, he found it on sale for only 255dhs...a bargain!  Ok, back to the kitchen.

If you followed me over the summer you will know that we made quite a few batches of ice cream in Alabama.  It was fun, and the results were very, very yummy.  Since we are in the land of perpetual summer and it's always ice cream weather, we got ourselves an ice cream maker similar to mom and dad's.  So far we've made a batch of vanilla (which didn't last long).  I'm excited to try some different flavors, perhaps something with dates?

Meet my new favorite cup!  It's a Tervis tumbler with a pink, sparkly L on it.  I don't think it could get more perfect for me.  I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and also picked up the travel lid and the handle, so I can take my cup anywhere.  After seeing mine and using mom and dad's all summer, Bryn decided we should get a set for Al Ain, in hopes of keeping our drinks a little colder longer.  

Moving back to the office, along with the carpet I mentioned earlier, I also found this cute weekly planner.  I love it because it's just a note pad, rather than a book-style planner that I have to constantly flip though.  I think it would make a handy mouse pad as well, but seeing as I don't have a mouse, it's just a convenient calendar that's always right there.

I think that about covers it!  I hope you've enjoyed this little snoop into my shopping bags.  Now I think I'll go spiralize something!

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