Battleship Memorial Park, cont.

After two hours aboard the USS Alabama, we left the park to have lunch at a restaurant on the causeway, since our tickets allowed us to come and go for the day.  Lunch was nothing to write home about, but they did have resident alligators.
After we had refueled with gumbo, shrimp and iced tea, we went back to Battleship Memorial Park to finish our tour.  First up was the Aircraft Pavillion - a large hanger filled with - you guessed it - aircrafts!
Once we'd done a loop of the hanger, we went back outside to visit the final major attraction at the park, the submarine USS Drum.  It's another vessel from WWII and somehow they managed to fit 72 men on board.  I honestly don't know where they put everyone.  It was a tight fit for the handful of other visitors who happened to be on board at the same time as us!  (Please, if you visit follow the enter and exit family decided to come in through the exit and was going against the flow causing serious traffic issues).
Dining Room
 These were the more spacious sleeping quarters!
Battleship Memorial Park is a great day trip, even if you don't have any interest in history.  Just getting the opportunity to walk around a battleship and submarine doesn't come along everyday!  I highly recommend it if you're in the area.

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