Abita Brewery Tour

There are only two more weeks left in summer.  Two more weeks til Bryn has to get back on a plane bound for Dubai.  Two more weeks til I have to start working full-time again (eek!  I'm excited for that but a little bit sad that there won't be the prospect of being at home on a weekday anymore!)  I honestly don't know where the time has gone!
Anyways, with so little time left in our summer holiday, we decided to take a mini-trip to Louisiana.  We started with lunch with my sister-in-law, Amanda and nephew, William at Abita Springs BBQ.  After a decent (but maybe not blog worthy) lunch, we said goodbye to Amanda and William and made our way to the Abita Brewery.  
I've been before, but this was Bryn's first visit.  The tour is interesting, but honestly I think it's the free beer that attracts the crowds.  You're given a cup and a quick lesson on how to run the taps (yep, you pour your own beer at Abita) and for the next 30 minutes or so you can drink to your little heart's content.  I impressed myself with my beer pouring skills this time around...it's so satisfying to see "cool guys" who probably drink way more beer than me pour themselves a cup of foam, and little old me pours the perfect cup of golden goodness!
Since Abita has several seasonal brews, it was nice to visit in the summer since there were several varieties available that they didn't have when I visited in January.  That being said, Purple Haze is still my poison of choice.
The brewery tour lasts about an hour and is completely free.  All the details are on their website if you're in New Orleans and fancy a trip across the Pontchartrain for some free beer!  (Be sure to wear close-toed shoes unless you want the classy blue shoe covers!)

After the tour it was back into the car to cross the loooong Lake Pontchartrain causeway into New Orleans, but more on that next time!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Also, I'm loving those pink shorts!

    1. You have to go if you're ever in the area, it's a great afternoon!

  2. Thanks for the nice mention of Abita Brewing Company! And glad you enjoyed Sucre, too!