Book Review: Big Little Lies

Happy belated Fourth of July!  I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend and that it was better than mine...although that wouldn't be difficult since I spent the 4th sick in bed.  I hate being sick, but being sick in the summer, on a holiday for that matter is even worse!  I'm mostly recovered and definitely hope I didn't spread whatever I had to anyone else because it was not fun.

Anyways...I have yet another book recommendation for you.  I finished this one several weeks ago, but if I posted my reviews as I finished the books themselves I might end up with daily book posts (hey...maybe that's not such a bad idea, after all!)

If you haven't read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty go get it, especially if you've enjoyed any of the other books I've talked about on here.  I love books that are set outside of the US, and this one is set in Australia (which is way at the top of my must-visit list).  It has the perfect amount of humor and seriousness for me, and enough mystery to keep you turning the pages.  This is the first of Moriarty's books that I've read, but I've already bought and downloaded a second one onto my Kindle.

I can't believe I've only got a little over a month of vacation left before school starts.  Better keep floating and reading though since who knows how much time I'll have for it once my short-lived retirement is over!

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