My brother bought a boat

My brother (that's him in that last photo) recently bought himself a fishing boat.  He brought it to the beach for it's maiden voyage and invited whoever was interested to come along for a ride!  Not one to turn down a boat ride on a sunny day, I agreed to come along.  We stayed in the Intercostal waterways since the gulf was a bit rough that day and my nephew, William, was riding with us (he was very unhappy about having to wear his lifejacket).  

It was hot, hot, hot so we found a little sliver of beach to pull up on and all jumped overboard.  We were not the only one's with that idea!  I've never seen so many boats! 

It was a really nice afternoon and I'm sure there will be many more trips out on Prad's new boat!

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  1. How fun! I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun on his new boat!