Lemonade & Lime Pie

There is a new Costco in Mobile.  None of us had ever been to a Costco, so of course we went and dad got a membership.  We're now the proud owners of a year's worth of toilet paper, enough seaweed for all of Tango and 5 kilos of limes.  The limes are where today's post came from, though, so we'll stick to them and leave the seaweed for another day.

We couldn't make gin and tonics quick enough, and the limes were quickly going bad, so Bryn decided to make a lime pie.  (He used this recipe, I believe).

On a trip to the dollar spot at Target I found a cute milk bottle and red and white striped paper straws and decided I just had to make lemonade to go with the pie!  I love lemonade and honestly the rest of the world doesn't know what they're missing.  See, in most other countries lemonade refers to what we Americans call Sprite or 7-Up.

I like to do an activity at school where we read a book about making lemonade (this one's my favorite), write out a recipe, then make our own lemonade.  It's cute...I make the lemonade ahead of time, then give all the kids a lemon wedge to squeeze.  We pour all our lemon juice into a jug, add some sugar and water then stir.  While they stir I whip out the pre-made stuff and serve it up.  They're all convinced they are drinking the lemonade they just made.  I got (jokingly) told off at the British school where I taught in Al Ain because I was teaching an American lesson...I like to call it internationalization.

Anyways, that's how we ended up with a lime pie and cold glasses of lemonade this morning!  (I spiked mine with some elderflower cordial and it was absolutely delicious!)

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