Gator Alley

If you've followed Channeling Audrey for even a short time you'll know I'm a coffee lover and Starbucks is one of my little indulgences.  (Well, coffee shops are my real guilty pleasure, but this area has a severe lack of coffee shops...only a very, very busy Starbucks.)  In order to get to said Starbucks, you drive right by "Gator Alley".  It's a board walk over a little creek, and where there is water down south, there are usually gators!  
There are always people there, peering over the side of the boardwalk in search of alligators.  I've said I needed to stop countless times, but never have...until today!  Bryn and I were on our way to Starbucks and my camera was in the car, so we decided it was a good morning for gator hunting.
When we got there we looked and looked...but nothing.  To be honest I wasn't surprised.  It's a rather busy road and wouldn't be a terribly peaceful place for an alligator.  We had just turned to check out the other side of the road when Bryn spotted something floating a little ways up the creek...
It was an enormous alligator!  I'm not exaggerating when I say it was 8 feet long.  I wouldn't want to run into him if I wasn't on the boardwalk!
Having found our gator, we headed back to the car (read: the ac!) and on to Starbucks.  Definitely a good morning!

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