Amsterdam: Part 3

Our third and final day in Amsterdam was the hottest.  A heatwave was settling over Europe, and there was no way to get out of the heat!
Our plan for the day was to take break from all the walking we had been doing and do a canal tour on one of the hop-on, hop-off boats.  I think the idea would have been excellent had it not been so hot!  Being on the canals in an open-topped boat, there was no way to get out of the sun and absolutely no breeze at all.  It was sweltering!  We managed to do the entire loop throughout the day, but still walked a good part in order to get some shade.  (I do recommend seeing Amsterdam from the canals whether you do a hop-on, hop-off boat like we did or another canal tour!)
Amsterdam is home to a fantastic art museum, the Rijks Museum.  It is home to many Dutch masterpieces, including Rembrandt and Vermeer (especially interesting if you've read or seen The Girl With the Pearl Earring!)  While I am not really a huge art lover, the museum is worth it in my opinion!  Not only did we get a nice morning in the air conditioning, but it is always amazing to see the actual works of art.  The size and detail always takes me by surprise.
The details on these model ships were insane!
Bryn's dream room!
We had lunch in an...Irish pub!  Not traditionally dutch in any way, but we did drink Heineken!  
Throughout the afternoon, we finished the rest of the boat loop, hopping off in places and walking to the next spot we could hop on.  
This clog boat cracked me up!  We saw a couple of them on the canals.
We were hot and exhausted by late afternoon, and needed to pack in order to go our separate ways in the morning.
I loved Amsterdam!  I did get to spend one last day there at the end of my trip, and the weather was much cooler, making it lovely to walk around.  It is a city where I think I could spend a lot of time and never get bored.  There are just so many fun shops to explore and restaurants to try.  I'm so glad I finally got the opportunity to visit!

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