Brugge, Belgium: First Impressions

I have been sitting here smiling to myself as I edited these Brugge photos!  I also think I took more photos there than I did anywhere else this trip...oops.  So, even though I was only there for a bit more than a day, I think I will have several posts to share with you!
Brugge only came on my travel radar recently.  I saw some photos around Christmas time and told Bryn that we should try and visit for the Christmas markets.  When I was planning this trip and had decided to stay on after the cruise, I knew I wanted to make a stop there.
The minute I walked out of the train station, I fell in love.  I immediately texted Bryn and told him that we absolutely had to come back!  

There was so much to love about this little city.  For one, it is beautiful!  There are so many postcard-worthy spots, and I was snapping photos at every turn.  It certainly didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous!  The heatwave was over, so even though the sun was shining beautifully, it was a pleasant temperature.

The people in Brugge were so friendly and approachable.  I wasn't hesitant to go into restaurants and talk to people at all.  They all spoke English, but not in an annoyed-I-have-to-speak-English-to-you way.

Like so many of the European cities I visited on this trip, Brugge has its own canal system, and a very pretty one at that!

It is also an easy city to sightsee in.  It is not too big, so you can walk to most places without any trouble.  I didn't feel rushed at all, and still feel like I saw a lot.

I can't wait to tell you more about my time in Brugge.  It has easily become my favorite European city I have visited so far - quite a statement, I know, but I mean it!

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