More Paris Photos

When I last left you, I was walking away from the Eiffel Tower.  My next destination was a new place for me, the Luxembourg Gardens.
I took my time strolling down the grand boulevards, past cafes, churches, and high-end shops.
 When I stumbled across one of my favorite shops, I had to go in!  I had only discovered macarons after my last trip to France, and absolutely had to have one while I was there!
 Finally, I made it to the Luxembourg gardens! 
 I found myself a bench in the shade and had my macarons...they don't fare well in the heat, so it had to be done!
 Then I had a wander around the gardens.
 The Pantheon is not far from the Luxembourg gardens and palace.
 I had not planned on going in since it was something I thought Bryn would enjoy, but it was so hot that I decided it would be a good way to cool down and get a history lesson.
It is huge, and even though everyone is talking in whispers, the echos are so loud!
 Stairs toward the back lead down to the crypt.  There are mazes of halls where France's most well-known and important residents remain.  Most names meant nothing to me, but every now and then I came across one I recognized, including Louis Braille and Marie Curie.
 The shadows!!
 Once I had cooled down a bit and seen enough, I continued walking back towards my little apartment.
 I had heard of Shakespeare and Company bookshop, but had no idea it was only a few meters from where I was staying.  It is a well-known English book store, and inside it looks like a shop you might see in Diagon Alley.  I recommend a peak inside if you pass it!
 The little street my AirBnB was off of.
After some lunch and a rest, I went back across the river, past Notre Dame, 
 To Le Marais, one of the oldest parts of Paris, and an area I had never visited.
 It was filled with cute cafes and bistros and every shop you can imagine.  
 Also, hidden gardens, so quiet you wouldn't know there was a bustling city on the other side of the wall.
 There were also just so. many. people.  It even became a bit much for me, so I made my way back towards the Latin Quarter.  I'm sure I missed a lot, but that just means another visit...maybe in the fall, when it's not 100+ degrees!
 I spent the afternoon weaving through streets, taking photos (as I do) and even treated myself to an ice cream to cool down a bit.
The next morning I hopped on a train bound for France's Atlantic coast for the next part of my trip!

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