We checked out of our cute little hotel in Amsterdam the next morning and dodged the cyclists back to the train station.  Bryn was flying back home, and I was catching a train bound for Paris!
I love's just so old and grand and full of history.  It's one of those places, like Kyoto or Dubai, that you just feel so lucky to be in.  At least I do!

For my quick trip to Paris, I tried an AirBnB for the first time.  The whole process was very easy and the little apartment I stayed in could not have had a better location.  

After dropping off my bag, I ventured out for a wander.  The apartment was just steps from Notre Dame, which had recently had it's roof burnt to nothing.  You couldn't get anywhere near the cathedral due to the reconstruction, so I was glad I had visited it years before, on my first trip to Paris (in 2004!!)
Instead, I spent the afternoon weaving my way through the streets of Ile de la Cite and the Latin Quarter, stopping only for photos and the occasional croissant (duh!)
Did I mention there was a heatwave across Europe while we were there?  Paris was HOT!  Sleeping was not easy, but I just channeled my aircondition-less childhood in St. Michaels and five years in Japan.

I got up early the next morning to walk.  I had promised myself that I would stay away from places I have been to before this visit, but I just couldn't go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower!
My early morning stroll along the Seine was very pleasant.  I only passed the occasional jogger and people on their way to work, since it was too early for tourists to be out and about.
I decided to take a path through the Tuileries gardens by the Louvre to get away from the noisy Paris traffic.  It was practically deserted aside from the goat munching grass in a ditch!
I moved back to the river bank for the rest of the walk as the rest of the city started to wake up.   
Eventually, I made it to my destination.  It is not hard to find something that towers over the city!  It had changed a lot since my other visits...walls all around it to keep anyone who hadn't paid for a ticket and been checked by security out.  Kind of sad that the world has come to that.  Again, I was glad I got to visit it at a time when we could walk underneath it's huge legs and drink wine on the grass while it sparkled overhead!
Having accomplished my first goal of the day, I decided on a different route back to the Latin Quarter, but I'll have to share that next time.  As always I took way too many photos, but love them all and want to share them with you!

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