Holiday in the French Seaside

After a hectic week and a half of travel, it was so nice to slow down and spend some time with my in-laws on the west coast of France.  Bryn's father, Robert, and his step-mother, Jan own an adorable house in the Vendee region of France.  Bryn and I had visited once before we were married, so it was fun to go back!  I also had not seen Robert and Jan since leaving the UAE, so it's always good to catch up!
I spent several lovely days with them.  Mostly, we read by the pool and sipped on coffee, switching to wine every was bliss!  
They also made sure to take me around to see some of the little sea-side towns nearby.  They were places I would never have the opportunity to see without a car, and Bryn and I rarely rent a car when we travel - unless it's absolutely necessary!
When the tide is out the boats in the Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie harbor sit on the ground!  I always find places with drastic tides fascinating.
I love a lifestyle that calls for slow coffees throughout the day...I wish there were more cafe choices around Auburn!
Baguette vending machines...genius!
Anyone else love going into foreign supermarkets?  French ones are the best.  They reminded me of the hypermarkets we used to shop at in the UAE.
The walk to this beach had the cutest little succulents along the path.
And snails!  There were tiny snails everywhere and I was obsessed!
One day, we walked along le grande plage (the big beach!).  We saw a horse pulling something to drag the beach and collect the seaweed...I couldn't get my camera out in time, but you all know I love seeing horses.  
We had a leisurely lunch at a seaside cafe, where I tried moules frites - delicious.  Jan and I made our own for dinner one night, and I think they were better!
With chilled rose, of course!
My hosts!
We also visited some of the villages that are more inland.  One in particular was called Apremont and had really cool ruins of a chateau.
A relaxing week in the French countryside was just what I needed to rest up for the last bit of my trip.  It was so fun to catch-up with Robert and Jan, and they were wonderful hosts!  Thank you for letting me stay!  I cannot wait to get back to France to visit again!

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