Afternoons Off

Every other Wednesday I have a half-day of work.  It is what I live for (that and weekends).  Today I decided that rather than go to Umeda to get my usual Starbucks, I would go to Kyoto.
Best. Decision. Ever.

After stocking up on some foreign food treats, I treated myself to cake and coffee before taking a leisurely walk down the Kamogawa.  It was absolutely lovely!  Not too hot, not too many people, fairly quiet...everything just came together to form the perfect afternoon in my opinion.

No, I didn't buy sardines! I just got a little excited seeing they were from Tango, near where I used to live.
 Unless it's horrible weather, you're bound to find people relaxing by the river. I highly reccommend it!

This afternoon reminded me how much I really do love Japan - Kyoto in particular.  It has also given me a bit of a push to try and stay away from busy Umeda all the time, and use my precious little time off to go do more cultural things.  It's perfect timing, too as the weather is slowly changing towards fall.  I think we still have a good deal more hot days to come, but I cannot wait for cooler temperatures and autumn leaves.  Hope y'all are having a good week!

*The picture quality isn't great, I promise to try harder next time!

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