Happy Thoughts

Christmas Market in Vienna. I can't wait to go back this year!

It has been awhile since I did a happy thoughts post.  Mostly because B was here so I wasn't feeling the need to look for the happy things happening around me - I was just happy!  Not that I am unhappy now, actually it's the opposite.  I feel really great, which makes me want to share the things that have made me happy this week.

The weather.  We had major thunderstorms and rain all weekend, which have really helped it to cool down around here! Most days this week have almost felt fall-like (I almost could have put on a sweatshirt Monday morning...almost.)  The cooler days have made me extra excited for fall, since I haven't had one since leaving Japan in 2011.

Pretty Little Liars.  Don't judge me, I am addicted! And this week's episode, OMG!!! (Yes, I'm talking like a teenager because of it!)

Making travel plans.  B and I are already talking about travel plans for December.  I would quite like to fast-forward through September, October and November and just go straight into December.

Nail Polish.  This week I'm wearing Essie Barefoot and Topless.  It's a pinkish nude color which I think is perfect for the end of summer/transition into fall.

TV marathons. I'm a major homebody, so there is nothing I like better than having a whole season (or at least most of one) to sit down and watch in one go. Last weekend was Project Runway.  I wish I could design/make clothes like them!

A perfect afternoon in Kyoto. See yesterday's post.  It was bliss!

And of course we can't forget that tomorrow is Frappuccino Friday! You should go have one as well :)

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