Washi Tape

I do try to be crafty.  I have all of these grand ideas of things to make (most come from Pinterest, surprise, surprise!) but I don't really have the patience of a true crafter.  (Is crafter even a word?)  I blame it on excitement.  I am always so excited to start a project that I rush through it, so it never turns out quite as nice as it could.

Seeing as I live in the birthplace of washi tape, it has become my new craft outlet.  It comes in every color, pattern and width you could possibly imagine and it is kind of addictive!  Adding washi tape to practically anything makes it just a little bit more fun (in my humble opinion). 

I've also gotten a small assortment of rubber stamps and blank greeting cards, so at the moment, all my crafting efforts are going into making cute cards to send my friends and family!

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